Company Share Schemes

These are more commonly associated with larger listed companies but they are equally available to smaller companies who wish to provide some kind of incentive to their employees. Recent studies have shown that where a business has employees who have some kind of stake in the company the company growth increases.

However, simply giving shares to employees cause a number of tax issues which can easily be avoided by using one of a number of government-approved share schemes. Indeed if structured correctly it is possible to provide employees with shares with no tax cost at all enabling them to contribute and benefit to the growth of the company.

We can help you in a number of ways. For example, you may not be sure if this is right or suitable for you, but a member of our advisory team can explore this further. It may be that it isn’t right and we will let you know without you have to incur a lot of fees to establish this.

However, it could be that there is a perfect fit and this is the way to go. We can then help you design the share scheme, obtain HMRC approval and then implement it too.